License info sent to wrong email

I’ve been sending emails to the sales and tech support emails and getting zero help, and no response and I’m about to rip my hair out. My 1 year student license just expired so I bit the bullet and purchased a $700 license last night, but somehow when I entered my email address on the order form, I typed it perfectly on the payment/order section, but differently on the license portion. So the license number/activation code was sent to my email, minus one letter. And there’s no way I’ve been able to find to alter the email address, only to resend the info to the one I already entered which is wrong.

I have a deadline at the end of the day where I need to have files cut out on a CNC machine, and I’ve been using sketchup to create the gcode for my router. The files given to me by the production team are all .dxf and joy of joys, there’s no way to import .dxf files without a pro license. So I spent $700 on software to prepare for this job that I now can’t use. Now I have less than 6 hours to import the drawings, edit and finalize them, create and export the gcode, and cut out all the signs I need before tomorrow morning. I am FURIOUS at the lack of customer support, no way to reach anyone by phone, and the absurdity of not being able to login and update my own ■■■■ email address for the license info.

Is there ANYTHING else I can do to get this fixed?

I just sent you a PM.

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