License for the company


Hi, I’m working at big company and need to use sketch up 2018 program. However, it will take couple of weeks for approval to buy sketche up for the company. So, is it possible to use sketch up trial for company before using peoper licensed programme. Need to know trial can be use for the company or only for personal.


I believe that ver “e” is the one that pertains to SketchUp 2018.

Section 2.5 in it’s entirety … but with emboldened emphasis by myself

2.5. Trial Software.

Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you may choose to download SketchUp Pro for a trial period for 30 days from the date the Software is first run (unless otherwise agreed by Trimble in writing) (the “Trial Period”), without charge, solely for your evaluation purposes of its functionality. The time remaining during the trial will be displayed within the Software. Upon the expiration of the Trial Period, the Software will automatically cease to operate.

The phrase “solely for your evaluation purposes of its functionality” is the key phrase here.

My personal opinion is that an evaluation is similar to educating yourself about a product, and therefore section 2.6 Educational Versions should be in force during the trial period. This section (2.6) forbids the use of educationally licensed installations/users from for profit use.

But this is only my opinion, I’m not a lawyer. Just a geek. And it is obvious that the license does not specifically say that section 2.6 applies to the trial period. (I just believe it should, so there would be no question.)

The Trimble employees generally avoid legal opinions, and usually refer you to your own attorney.

This new license differs from the old ones during the “Make” edition days as it no longer attempts to define what “commercial work” means.

Users just sought ways to circumvent the definition anyway and justify their use of the non-commercial edition for profitable use.

In closing, the top of the license says that the license is between only you and Trimble.
So really it is you that needs to make a decision, or get some actual professional legal advice.
If in doubt, the Trimble corporate address is at the bottom of the license document.