License deactivation request

Dear Sketchup Support,

Our Sketchup serial numbers are .

Please deactivate all Sketchup licenses associated with the computers named “LDA12” and “LDA9”. I have replaced these computers’ hard drives, and the old hard drives have been wiped.

Thank you.

P.S. I am submitting this request here because the “Contact Customer Support” form appears to be broken.

Neil, you have posted all of that information in a public forum. It’s all out there for scavenging by bots and others.

I would suggest you edit this post and remove all of that information. Then ask for contact from a SketchUp team member

I edited as quickly as I could, but your personal information was public for a while. In the future please do not post personal contact information or license details. Doing so id dangerous for you and against the rules of this forum.

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Just FYI: Classic SketchUp licenses are not linked to a computer’s hard drive, but its network adapter’s unique MAC address, so reinstalling SketchUp would allow you to reactivate and/or remove the license yourself.

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