Licence for commercial use of 3D-Warehouse models

I understand what sketchup replied to me: “Unfortunately, we cannot offer any interpretations of our End User License Agreement and Terms of Use.” But to be honest, offering 3D models is part of their business model, and I specifically asked about the commercial use of 3D models in my animated film “niemandsland”. The last possible solution to obtain legal certainty is to send an inquiry directly to the author. This is exactly what is explicitly mentioned in several tutorials and in the end Sketchup initially responded with this argument itself: Unfortunately, direct contact is simply not possible due to a lack of contact details and the rest do not answer. Sketchup operates worldwide, unfortunately only refers to its own terms and conditions in English, even with specific questions. In doing so, they spread more uncertainty than necessary.
Who can help?

Translating a legal text is useless because when it goes to trial, it would be held in the country where the EULA was deposited and be held in it’s language.
If you wan’t legal advice, you should get a lawyer.

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Hello and thanks for the comment. My lawyer advised me to contact the authors directly - anything else is just a waste of time. Can I name the users who have not given sketchup contact details?