LiceCap & Big Sur

A number of us regularly use Licecap to capture screen action when helping to advise others. I have just discovered that it doesn’t work with Big Sur. Given that it is free and it is a while now since Big Sur was released, it seems likely that Mac users will have to look elsewhere. Can anybody recommend a replacement?

Ack! You just gave me another reason to continue delaying update to Big Sur! Most likely it used Kernel Extensions, which Apple finally disabled in Big Sur after warning for more than a year that they were going to (that is also the main reason 3D Connexion is so late providing a driver for Big Sur).

I have had one problem with my SpaceMouse since using Big Sur, but it’s pretty stable.

There was a suggestion that RecordIt might be an alternative. Also Giphy, which I have used in the past, but I’m told it produces huge files.

I just checked, and several people have mentioned the issue with Big Sur on the LICEcap forum. Hopefully, their team will notice and fix it soon!