Level the model?

I have a .040" thick wall section that was tilted off of the plane of the Green/Red axis. Is there a way to bring the bottom of the wall back to the G/R axis.
The printer wants to put a raft under one corner and the rest is then printed in the second layer But this makes for a small contact area and that is an adhesion problem.
Thanks for any help. Miles

It’s definitely possible. Telling you exactly what you need to do is difficult without seeing the model. Most likely you should just be able to rotate the model to square it up.

I have used the rotate tool and tried to align with the Green or Red Line that I put in as a reference but that is trial and error and so far it has been more error than success. LOL sort of.

Funky.skp (215.1 KB)
This is the file. It has several sides to a cupola for a steel railroad caboose. They were built of steel and somebody thought it was a cool idea to slant every thing so the cupola is made of 9 trapezoids!

There’s no need for it to be trial and error. Rotate each group on the red and green axes, one direction at a time. Use the left and right cursor keys to lock the axis of rotation and look for inferencing messages that tell you when you are on axis.

Thanks for the help!