Length data entry

When I enter in the length for my lines and rectangles it doesn’t create the correct dimension. It doesn’t lock the entered length nothing. I want to pull my hair out!

What are you typing? Are you clicking in the Measurements window?

You don’t want to do that, do you?
How do You enter values?
What units is your template?

Start an action, move in the direction you want, let go of the mouse and type what you want followed by enter.

(at least 3 forum members on the fence )

No I am not typing or clicking in the window. I type a dimension and press enter and it doesn’t do anything

I do that and then I use the dimension tool to check and The line or rectangle isn’t the dimension I entered

What exactly are you typing for the dimension?

Are dragging out the line or rectangle before you start to type?

A line length (one dimension) should be easy. With a rectangle You either need the , or ; as separator between the two dimensions

I’ll start a line and enter 7’6” if I try a rectangle I’ll start drawing type in 7’6”,3’7”

I’ll measure and it want be the dimension I entered. I’m using ft and inches

I’ve tried both dragging and not dragging. I’ve been trying everything

What dimension does it end up being?

What region are you in?

It’s different every time. No consistency.

How do I check what region I’m in? I’m new to this. I used to use micro station so sketch up is new

So you start the Rectangle tool. SINGLE click and release to set the first corner, move the cursor in the general direction of the opposite corner, let go of the mouse and type 7’6",3’7" and hit Enter?

Look out the window? Region: Are you in the US or somewhere else?

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Ok… so I reset all my tools. And did it again and I was able to get the correct dimensions that I entered. Thank you.

What exactly dos the dimension tool show? It’s possible that the units aren’t set in Model Info for the same display format as you are entering.

What do you mean by “reset all my tools”?

I just put them all back to the default settings… not quite sure where I found it as I’ve been trying and clicking on everything trying to figure it out.