Learning Sketchup how to use 3D warehouse in 2020 version

Hello I am learning the Udemy course but it’s for the 2015 version and I have a few questions
First is how do the tags work and outliner work? I know in 2015 the use Layers and now in 2020 they use tags for the same thing. Still not clear on how to use them properly?

Another is 1001 bittools plugin is not compatible with my mac book pro with the 2020 Sketchup version. How can I use 1001bittool or is there a new plugin that’s just as good or better?

Don’t agonize over it. The change between Layers and Tags is mainly a word change. In the past the rule was to leave Layer 0 active at all times. Create all geometry and leave it all associated with Layer 0. Make components or groups to keep the geometry from sticking to other geometry and then assign layers to the components or groups.

Now you leave Untagged as active. All geometry is created and remains untagged. You give groups and components tags.

As for Outliner, the big addition is the ability to hide or unhide groups and components directly in the Outliner.

Are you sure that 1001-bit Tools is not compatible. Have you actually tried it. I don’t have any use for it so I haven’t test it.

Thank you for the quick reply that helps with the tags thank you
I tried to install the 1001bittools and my computer came up with a window sayings not compatible. so not too sure what to do there?

Just plow through that warning. I’ve run 1001-bit tools in 2020, works fine.

Awesome thank you its working! much appreciated!

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