Layout Zoom

Is there a way to zoom transparently in Layout 2020? Also, is there a way to get the zoom command buttons on the toolbar instead of having to navigate through the drop down menus? I did not have any luck using the menu customizing feature.

What does “transparently” mean?

Why not use the scroll wheel on the mouse to zoom. That’s easier than using a toolbar button. If you really must have zoom buttons on the toolbar you can add them.
Click on Toolbar Options. Scroll through the list of commands and drag out the ones you want.

Screenshot - 6_18_2021 , 7_05_30 PM

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By transparently, I mean invoking the zoom command in the middle of another command, i.e. - I’m dimemsioning and need to zoom in without losing my dimension in progress.
Layout will not let me drag and drop buttons to the toolbar. An “X” shows up on the cursor when dragging an icon to the toolbar area.
The scrolling was not working before but seems to be somewhat better now.

Sounds like you’re trying to put the button in the blank area to the right of the toolbar. You need to add it to the toolbar.

The scroll wheel works fine for that.

Maybe you need to adjust the scroll speed.
Screenshot - 6_18_2021 , 7_26_07 PM