Layout - you are not licensed

Almost every God Damned day now I am losing time due to this software. I have been using Sketchup and Layout for probably 20 years now and due to this damned subscription-based approach I am losing money on a daily basis as I start and restart and recover files and sign out and sign back in. What. The. Hell? This needs to be fixed. I am running a 2-year old iMac with plenty of power to prevent any systems issues. Several of my projects are on hold because of this issue!!! Anybody got any suggestions?

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Exit LayOut [menu] LayOut > Quit LayOut
In SketchUp,
Sign out via [menu] Help > sign out (emailaddress)
Now, quit SketchUp
[menu] SketchUp > Quit SketchUp
Then, start working again.

The quiting part is important (and running SketchUp from the application folder) because then it will update (write) the login data.