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I did not find such a topic in the forum. I have recently been using the work time tracking program. The program automatically calculates time based on the active open window of the program (I use Windows 10), using the “window title”. In the case of Sketchup everything works fine because the window title contains the file name. In the case of LayOut, things get complicated. It is necessary to either manually tag the time when LayOut was active or change to the manual time register, because the window title is the same all the time - “LayOut”.

Please make changes so that the title of the Layout window, like in Sketchup, is also extended by the name of the file I am currently working on.

Thank you.

I would guess that the reason behind the difference is that SketchUp can open only one model at a time while LayOut can have multiple documents open.

At least on Windows there is support for changing the window title at runtime. The title of my Firefox window is now “Layout window title - LayOut / Feature Requests - SketchUp Community - Mozilla Firefox”.

@Anssi I think so too. Of course, the beauty and power of this program is due to its flexibility. I usually work on only one document, but it seems to me that even by opening several documents, only one can be active at a time. Could the title of the main window depend on the name of the active document? Probably in specific cases this could lead to frequent window name changes, but would that be a problem?

@eneroth3 Exactly. I wonder why the main LayOut window name doesn’t change. What it comes from? I am a regular user, until recently I did not need it and did not pay attention to it, now it would be useful and I began to wonder, but anyway it is difficult for me to imagine that it was overlooked by the creators. Maybe there are some technical issues? Maybe it would cause more problems than good?

I need it, so I submit it as a feature request.

Except on Mac.

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