Layout: Why does it move my elements around without permission?

When I bring a Sketchup file into Layout, it moves one of my elements. Why? And how do I fix this? I have a deadline looming (naturally!).

What do you mean by “it moves one of my elements”? What element?

How are you bringing the SketchUp file into LayOut?

Specifics, man. Specifics.

Maybe you could share the LO file? Privately if you don’t want to make it public.

Hi Dave. So sorry. I had an item in my drawing that “moved” its position when I imported the Sketchup file into Layout. I found the problem, however. And I’m mentioning this for the benefit of all Newbies (like me). The element that “moved” did not really move. Here’s the problem: I was working in one particular dimension in Shetchup, and did not realize that that “moving” element was not on the same working plane as the rest of my artwork. Therefore, when I imported the file into Layout, that changed the view angle, and made the “floating” element appear to jump to another location in my drawing. So, although I was terrified this was a software glitch, this was in fact entirely pilot error. My problem arose from failing to remember a simple 3D-CAD principle, to be certain your elements reside on the same working plane if you want them to show up where you expect them to! It’s been a bizarre transition from Rhino to Sketchup, do not be surprised to see many more goofy problems from me! I think I’m gonna have a nice cup of coffee now, and try to relax!

Thanks again-