Layout viewports

I am currently creating interior elevations and need to isolate each room into each viewport(I’m using section cuts and scenes in sketchup) Now when i try to resize my viewport to the desired size, its great in the first adjustment but when i go to the opposite side of the port and drag it in to where i want it the model moves too, not just the side of the port. now i was able to do this a couple of days ago( i certainly was not an intuitive and easy way but i did it)

any help will be greatly appreciated

also why do we not have an option to create a new topic from anywhere on this site, (like from my own posts ( from there there it is only possible create a post related to another person)

In the SketchUp Model Tray, make sure you have the “Preserve Scale on Resize” box checked.

problem solved
Thank you much

Hi Paul
I’m looking to post a new topic, and i simply just can’t seem to find where i can post a new topic and only reply… i always have a hard time finding this…
maybe you know the answer to my question,??? whenever i draw a surface like for example a 200’x200’ square , and want to extract walls from floorpans, when i pull walls , they pull just fine , but sometimes there is no underside on the wall… dunno what to do but to draw a line across the bottom to close it up , but its a PITA to have to do this.

There are two ways to start a new topic. The basic one is to go to the forum home page, where you will find a button near the upper right that says “New Topic”. The other one is at upper right of each message, where it says “Reply as a linked Topic”. This will create a two-way link between the existing topic and a new one - which is usually appropriate only when there is some content in this topic that is necessary to make sense of the new one.

To answer your question here, though, press ctrl (alt on Mac) before you pushpull. When the face is inset into a surrounding one, this tells pushpull that you want to create a new face to close the starting end of the extrusion rather than to make a hole in the surrounding surface.