Layout viewports and .jpg have black backgrounds

I’m having a problem with Layout in conjunction with my iPhone. I save many .pdfs on my iPhone and when printing from my Adobe Reader app in my iPhone, I am getting .jpg and SketchUp viewports which have a black background. I created the layout file using SketchUp Pro 2020 Layout. I am using Windows. It prints fine from my Windows laptop. The attached image is a scanned copy of the printed page. Not the best image, but you can see my problem. This big image is a hybrid viewport and the smaller image is a jpg. I have both colored with a white background, so they should be white.


I have discovered a work around by simply selecting Adobe PDF as a printer. So the issue with the black background has to do with the way Layout exports to PDF.

There are a few export issues being worked on. Hopefully the next LayOut update will be improved in this area.