Layout Updates


Any chance anyone could have a little look at these files and see what Im doing wrong.

I’ve updated scene AP GP, and have tried updating model ref in Layout but nothing happens. Resaved, restarted.

Sure its something super simple that Im missing…
Thanks in advance!


I added a rectangle in front of the stage and saw this in LO. So updating seems to work for me.

It is a big file though. Have you done all the purging you can?

Thanks Simon…I’ve done the same and it doesn’t update? What steps do you take?

  • the bits I’m trying to update are the side banks of seats that I’ve reduced down to 4 on each row? Could they be locked in a group our something??

Never really explored the process of purging???

Fascinating website Paul… hopefully covid relaxation is making theatre production more plentiful

PS, fascinating model too but wow, do you really need this level of detail?

eg 2700 screws with 2700 entities in each?
My simple purge reduced your component count by 50% … , file size from 116Mb to 51Mb… I think you need to learn some basic file reduction techniques, will improve your productivity a lot.

And here is a part list of the most complex geometry in your model [the full list is very long]

as you can see the phillip head screws are the biggest culprits

PS this extension is called “Goldilocks”

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Updates for me Paul, but there’s too much lag for my liking.

I started to purge the SU file and Cleanup reports that the remaining time is of the order of 40 minutes…

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That doesn’t sound good! Does purging remove anything thats visible in the model or just stuff unused?

As I mentioned in one of your previous threads, purging only removes unused stuff from the model.

Your model has the problem with incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 5_21_2021 , 7_15_36 AM

And there’s lots of unused stuff in the model.
Screenshot - 5_21_2021 , 7_18_42 AM
56% file size reduction.

It wouldn’t hurt to purge the LayOut file of unused stuff, too.

Before purging. Note there’s too many lines to show on the screen.

After purging.

Don’t worry about the red Missing indications in my screen shots. That’s only due to the reference paths pointing to locations on your computer which my computer can’t see.

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Oh Thats hilarious! whoops. I guess they must be part of the chair components I imported. I will do the same here.
Any other tips for basic file reduction techniques?

Thats for your comments, everything crossed for the future.


I didn’t look to closely at your SU file but it occurred to me (and you may already be doing this) particularly for the seating - you could create a 2D object for the seat component and have it as part of the component.

tag the 2D representation of the chair as, say “2d_Object” and tag the 3D object as “3D_Object”.

In your SU plan scenes you could then turn off the 3D_Object tag and turn on the 2D_Object tag

With judicious tag control you turn off detailed objects that are either not required in a scene or in the Layout viewport.

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No rocket science. Open Layout. Select viewport. Hit Open with Sketchup. Choose AP GP scene. Draw in rectangle and save. Go back into LO and hit update. Et voilà.

Your profile doesn’t tell us which iMac you are using. Given that you have been trying to manipulate a 100Mb+ file, I suspect bloating has a lot to do with it. But you will now have read a lot of advice about how to reduce file size. I recommend you take that on board. You will find things run much better if you do.

Paul, I used CleanUp to purge stuff and, like others here found that that alone halved the file size. Rationalising the imported components is another obvious thing to do. There are countless threads on this forum advising people to avoid downloading straight into a working file to give the opportunity to “unbloat” 3DW components before using them.

The other thing I found a little surprising is that you appear to have at least two venues in the same file, viz Ally Pally and Notts Playhouse. If it were me, I would have a separate file for each theatre. That again would thin things down and make working on any file much easier.

I noticed that your viewports in LO were raster rendered. You may have done that deliberately and it would certainly be wise while working on the file. But for output, you are likely to want a crisper look, probably using Hybrid. But I wouldn’t suggest invoking that while the file is so bloated.

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