Layout Tools selection lock

I’ve tried to set up templates for my Layout but the tool choices never lock to my choice. For example when I select the Label tool it always defaults to a font and arrow that I haven’t selected. I’m always having to Sample and Paint from a correct example or from one I’ve corrected and set outside the drawing area from which I can Sample and Paste with the bucket tool. How do I lock those choices? It’s tedious to have to change all the notes/dimensions/texts etc…

Good to talk to you, Tom.

For others looking for the answer to this, here’s the way I do this when creating a new template.

First, I place a sample of text, a label, and a dimension on the page.

Then I select each one in turn and make the desired changes to font, size, leader, dimension style, etc. via the Shape Style, Text, and Dimension Styles panels. This lets me see my changes as I make them.

After I’m satisfied with the various settings, I select the Text tool, press S to sample the style, and click on the text sample I created earlier. I put another sample text box down just to satisfy myself that the changes were all picked up. Repeat the process for Labels and Dimensions. Once I know that all three of those are set as I want them, I delete the samples and save as my template.