Layout to PDF Match Photo Scene Issue


I’m wondering if I have found another layout issue to add to the list, for the new Version.

Attached are two images.

The first is a screengrab from the Layout Document, showing the Viewport with the Match Photo Scene. This is all go and there are no problems.

The second is the screengrab from the PDF of this page. For some reason not only is the background image cut off, but is has been shifted to the left slightly and does therefore not line up correctly.

Would anyone have any ideas?

I have tried disabling JPEG compression in the PDF Export, but this makes no difference.

I need to issue this in about 10 minutes and my only work around at this point is to do a screengrab from the Layout Document, save it as an image, and then add into the Layout document, deleting the Viewport.

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EDIT: I forgot to add that this is on my Windows 10 PC.

I have seen some shifting in LayOut renders when the ‘model ratio’ was way off, meaning that the width is much larger than the depth.

Hi @MikeWayzovski

Not entirely sure I understand that. This was a Scene created in the Sketchup Model file.

Just confused that it displays correctly in Layout, but gets damaged in the PDF Export.

One thing I will try is Printing to PDF and see if that does the same.


To me it looks more cropped than shifted. Have yo used a clipping frame with the scene?
I seem to remember that in old times the photo used to disappear completely if you turned on “Preserve scale with resize” and then tried to crop the view with the viewport handles. Haven’t tried this for a long time.

I have not used any Clipping Frames/Masks on this Viewport. I can’t use these at all at the moment as if I do, it won’t even export to PDF.

It has definitely shifted. If you look at the bottom of the Concrete fence post in both images above, it has shifted across in the second image.

The only thing I did is resize the Viewport so that it fitted in the space I needed it to. I did tick ‘Preserve Scale on Resize’ so that I could make the Viewport tighter to the content. I will go back in and make sure that I have not inadvertently clipped the contents with the Viewport.


So, I unticked ‘Preserve Scale’.

I did notice that when I resize the Viewport to make it fit, depending on how I resize it, the background image moves out of place. The Scene is definitely not cropped using the Layout Viewport.

This seems like an inherent problem with Layout.

For info, it does this whether it is rendered as Raster or Hybrid.

Attached are two further images, showing that the unticking makes no difference.



I think I have found the issue.

I decided to double check the ‘Sketchup Model’ Tab in Layout, and for some reason it was showing the Camera Position as being Modified, even though it looked ok.

So, I clicked on the ‘Reset’ button for the Camera View Override. Re-did the PDF Export and it worked ok. Visually, in Layout, the Viewport did not change, but the PDF Exported ok.

I do not know why the Camera Position became modified. All I can think is that it was caused by the ‘Prevent scaling on Resize’ box being ticked when I first created the Viewport and adjusted the size of the Viewport.

It’s one I’ll have to keep any eye on in the future, when using Match Photo Scenes.


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It is sort of tricky with the MatchPhoto viewports, and probably everything is not right with them, either. I now seem to remember that previously you could only use clipping frames to crop a MatchPhoto view. Now, if that stops PDF output completely, one could try just drawing four white rectangles on top of the viewport to mask parts of it. Not a very elegant solution, but maybe worth experimenting.

On my Windows PC, I can’t use Clipping Frames/Masks at all, on any viewport, when it is Hybrid Rendered, as it causes the Export to PDF to fail. There is already a very long thread on this elsewhere on the forum. It’s one of the many things I’m hoping they fix on the next issue. I have to use the method you suggested if I want to hide any part of the Viewport.

So, on the Match Photo Viewport, I knew it wasn’t a Clipping Frame causing the issue with shifting the Image. It seemed to be that the Camera view had been modified for that Viewport. I’ve no idea why, but when I reset it, it Exported fine, and the Viewport appeared ok in the PDF.