Layout Text box/ Switching off pages


Firstly - I have somehow managed to get bounding boxes around my text in Layout. I can’t find anywhere to turn the box off. How do I do that? Secondly I would like to switch off some of the pages in Layout before exporting the document to PDF as they are not all relevant for what I need at this time. How do I do that? I know how to switch off all the layers on individual sheets but at this time I don’t want the whole document but want to retain it all for when the whole set is needed.


Select the text boxes and deselect Stroke in Shape Style.

You can select a continuous range of pages in the PDF export window. Currently LayOut doesn’t offer the ability to just select a page here and a page there to export. You could temporarily rearrange the pages in the document so the pages you want to export are successive.


Brilliant Dave Thank you very much.