Layout start up difficulty

I updated to 2017 and renewed my licence since the last time I’ve used Layout and I found when I open it it’s not connecting to the internet (none of my Sketch-Up products are, which is why I’m unable to access help of contact us) Because it wants to show me the tip of the day and it can’t connect (I supose) Layout is unresponsive and my only option is to close the program. Can anyone tell me what I can do to fix the problem?

I would start by checking the firewall log. Perhaps it blocks the connection.

Also confirm that SketchUp and LayOut have been installed correctly using Run as administrator. Right click on the installer file, choose Run as administrator from the Context menu and select the Repair option.

a SUP product activation normally requires an active and working internet connection… check if a personal firewall of the used security solution is blocking SUP/LO.

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That did the trick eneroth3. Thanks!

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