Layout - Snapshot of page in another page


Is there a way to show a snapshot of a page on another page scaled?

I have a few pages with 1 or 2 viewports with labels, lines and some comment. Labels, text and lines are made in Layout. The Skechtup scene has no text, just the model.
As an smaller overview on another page I would like to have a dynamic copy of that page, including the layout ( labels, lines e.t.c ) in another viewport.

Of course I got create everything double, but thats a huge job, specially to make it smaller/scale from the original. Or I could make a screen shot and load that image, but then I should keep record of the screenshots. The ref link would work I gguess.

Is there a trick?
How do you guys do those kind of things?

Or should I try to use the Layout c-api to create a screenshot every time it get saved?

Oke, I did try to create a group before, but the copy didn’t get updated. Now it does. The only way to update the snapshot is using document setup and then ref update.

Labels and text aren’t updated,
Also use Vector, otherwise its a mess.
If I change something, I wil make a new copy.
Is good for now.

You could export all your pages to jpg files and then insert those jpg files. Reexport them and update them as you need.

you loose a generation every time, I’d go with a png, at least…


png? whats that? :wink:

Why John?