Layout Slowdown Erasing Numerous Elements

I’m on 2019.2

I’ve noticed a slowdown when I erase, say, several tens of elements / objects.
I can wait a second or two or three before LO finishes erasing.

These could be labels, lines, shapes.

Generally it seems that even with erasing single objects consecutively LO can’t keep up with the speed of my clicking.

You’re too fast! Maybe, it makes the graphics card go furious.

I’ll check out my driver details but device manager says that I’m up to date…

With the 1, 2, 3 seconds delay, that happens when I have selected several tens of elements and then I click the delete key.

I downloaded and installed AMD software + driver.

However, e.g. an array of 20 x 15 hexagons (tessellated) (yes I could achieve that same effect with a pattern), I select all of the hexagons and press the delete key and sequentially, in batches, hexagons get deleted until the final batch when LO says “not responding” and then finally all the hexagons are deleted. The entire delete process took about 10 seconds!

I want to second this thread. I find layout to be generally clunky and a teeth grinding experience. This delayed delete is longer on my machine. It’s like a hoarder who can’t bare to throw anything away. Is this such a rare thing? I’m surprised we’re the only ones.