Layout Setup Dialog box References Tab column spacing

On my iMac with latest updated OS and SU 2023 Pro, When I need to update file references in the Layout Setup Dialog box — References Tab the beginning of

the file name is not visible on the left edge of its column and no matter how wide I make that column I can see the beginning of it. It’s like it is “right justified” and I can’t make it “left justify.”

Is there a setting I’m missing?

There isn’t a setting in LayOut for that. If you make the Document Setup window wide you should be able to drag that column to make it wide enough to see the entire path unless the path is incredibly long.

FWIW, you can update the reference from the SketchUp Model panel when you have a viewport selected.
Screenshot - 9_17_2023 , 10_09_34 AM

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Can you share a screenshot?
Is the file on a shared location? (Users/Shared)
If you go to ‘Go to’ in that dialog box, will it direct you to the right location?

So here is a closeup of the File Name column and the second one is the whole dialog box. The File Name Column is Left Justified and I can’t widen the column enough on a 27" screen for the whole column to show so I can’t ee the beginning of the file name.

It is on Dropbox and therefore on my desktop Hard Drive. It is available to be shared. I am not sure what you mean by “go to” but if I click on the link I can refresh it or relink it as normal. But a lot of things I unlink and embed like textures I just can’t see what they are.

Pleas see screenshot below. When I drag the column width wider all the short names are justified left so I can see them and the longest name/path isn’t that long that on a 27" screen I should be able to drag that column wider shouldn’t I/

Might be a change with dropbox:

In combination with: