LayOut setting an object such as a rectangle to an exact scaled size

  1. I set the parameters in the ‘Scaled Drawing’ to 1"=10’ and then drew a rectangle.
  2. Used the dimensions tool to measure the rectangle.
  3. Tried resizing the rectangle to match 8’x10’ and cannot get it to set to that exact size

What am I missing? This should be easy.

Select one grip of the rectangle and move it
Type the desired new dimensions (with units) and Enter

I have tried that but the size jumps and I am unable to set it to an exact size, ie. 6x15

It’s working in the imperial system also

When I type in a value in Measurements i get an Invalid String

I am trying to create a layout of self-storage units so I need to have different size units (rectangles). For some reason I am struggling with this issue.

Do not click in Measurements box (VCB), just move a grip point and type the new dimensions with units and Enter.
like: 0.5’,0.3’ and Enter

Thank you for your help but nothing is working. When I click on any grip and type, I get an invalid string

There’s an elephant in the room here, surely?

Is there a reason you are trying to draw it in LO when you have SU as the right tool for the job?

I am VERY new to SU and am probably in over my head. All of a sudden I was able to get it to work.

Depending on your ‘locale’ and/or computer’s settings… you separate two values with a comma [,] OR a semi-colon [;]
In countries which use a comma [,] as a decimal point [rather than a .] then you can’t use a comma [,] again… so try using a semi-colon [;] ??

Fair enough. LO is mainly used as a presentation tool. You use SU for creating models that are then displayed in LO.

You can create 2D geometry directly in Layout but it is generally a little perverse to do so.

Why not try starting with SU and see how you get on?

Layout is a 2d tool and it makes perfect sense to draw 2d drawings in layout.
It is actually more perverse to create 2d ‘drawings’ in a 3d modelling space and wonder why things aren’t flat.

Horses for courses, maybe. I do a lot of drawings that are 2D in SU and wouldn’t think of trying to work with the severe limitations of using LO for the purpose. But it is possible I haven’t tried hard enough, I guess.

I’ve never attempted to seriously do 2D in SU.

There was a time when LO wasn’t so good when I tried to do as much ‘2D’ in SU as possible before exporting to LO (e.g. dimensioning in SU) but it was never satisfactory.

For me LOs current 2D capabilities are sufficient for me to complete my construction drawings beyond what can be achieved (which is a lot) using Brightman’s or Sonder’s ideas.