Layout - Scenes Shifting as scene was updated in LO

I’ve been trying out the overlaying vector scenes over raster scenes as suggested by Nick Sonder (et al) with a view to increased visual appeal in construction documents. I have two issues/problems with this method

  1. I have trouble snapping to precisely overlay the two scenes- object and grips dont relate to scenes
  2. Updating the drawing: File/Document Setup etc resets or moves the scenes to some default setting This doesn’t seem to apply to other scenes Ive set up. Each scene camera set up is checked the same.

If you just copy the first viewport and paste it, the new viewport will lay directly over the first. Paste the second viewport to a layer higher in the stack so you can access them individually to change the render type and scene.

Sounds like you’ve modified the scene in LayOut or you are using the Last saved SketchUp view as the scene… Neither of these is good practice. Instead, Instead, tie the viewport to a specific scene and don’t modify it in LayOut.

I often use this technique showing structural overlay on a building, so my end result is a bit different than yours, but it follows the same logic.

My process:

Be sure the scene(s) are setup exactly the same in SKP. Do not alter them in LO. Do not use ‘Last Saved…’ etc.
In LO, set up a layer for each scene you want to overlay.
I have 3 layers in a stack - Viewport1, WhiteOut, Viewport2.
I setup my first view on Viewport1. Get it exactly how you want it. Set the rendering to Raster.
Copy it up or left or right some easy distance (10", 20cm, etc - making sure you keep the axis locked so it only moves in 1 direction).
Change the layer of the copy to Viewport 2. (In my stack this will be on top of Viewport1).
Change the rendering to Vector.
Move the view back exactly the same as you moved it previously.

Images to illustrate:
Finished LO view:


Parts of my setup (I have a ghosted rectangle between my 2 views to soften the full building model view)