Layout Saved File Issue

Hi Folks,

I have an issue with a Layout project i’m working on. I’m currently working between 2 PC’s: one at home and one in the office. The file i’m working on is stored on Google drive (corporate shared drive).

When i work at home, and save the file on the drive, the work i’ve done is not updated when i get to work. Similarly, the work i do in the office is not updated when i get home. Both PC’s are claiming to open exactly the same file on the google network drive. The associated SketchUp file (in the same network folder) is working correctly.

This morning I’m at home and the file is not showing all the work i did in the office yesterday… i’ve VPN’d to my office machine and opened LayOut… all the work i did yesterday is there when the file is opened from the office machine.

Both PC’s are looking at the same file!! This morning i have (over the VPN) saved a new (renamed) copy of the file i was working on in the office yesterday. Ive opened this just now at home and the work i did yesterday is now present at home!!

So i have a workaround… but i wonder if anyone knows why Layout is only showing me the work done on the local machine?

It is almost like Layout is not actually opening the file from the network drive but rather a cached version stored locally… which is of course out of date.

This would certainly fit with the fact the new file opens correctly with all the work done on the other machine. As mentioned, there is no problem with Sketchup

Is there anything i can do to force Layout to read the network file properly rather than a cached copy (i presume that’s what its doing)?

Many thanks


Many people who store and load files from a network drive loose them. Best practice is to download the stored file to a local folder then open with Sketchup or Layout. When finished working, save the file locally then sync it to the network. I realize the process can be a PIA but loosing the work is not acceptable.

Do you use the google file app?. What generally happens is that when you shut the laptop or desktop down and the file hasn’t been uploaded yet, the older version will display. You maybe ready with your work, but others might be uploading and downloading stuff, too.

I use the web-based only, and need to download first.
But I know that I have the file.
When ready, I upload back.