Layout Rectangle precise dimensions from center

Is it possible to draw a rectangle from “center” (‘Ctrl key’) and type exact/precise dimensions in the measurement box in Layout?

The goal is to have a perfect dimensioned rectangle from a center point in layout.

I don’t see a single step way to do what you want. That could be a feature request, unless it’s achieved in a way that I don’t know. The width and height ought to be centered on the start location, if you had used the modifier key.

A two step way to get what you want is to create the rectangle at the size you want, then move it half way back. For example:

Draw any size rectangle starting at the intended center point. Type 8,6, Enter.
Use the Move tool to move the rectangle any amount, then type -4,-3, Enter.

I guess in LayOut it’s really the Select tool, but the moving and typing seems to work.