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I am a Garden designer and use Layout for labeling plants on a drawing. How can I have all the labels following on from the arrow line rather than at 180 degrees to it and how do I label the top of the drawing so all labels are in line vertically? I hope this makes sense.

The first part doesn’t make sense to me. What do you mean 180 degrees?

As for aligning the labels, you can select them after placing them and go to the Arrange menu. Select the appropriate Align option.

Hi Dave

Sorry it’s difficult to explain. At the top of a plan I would like to label all the plants so that the line points to the plant and the label carries on in the same direction as the line rather than the label at 90 degrees to the line. Does this describe it better? I tried to arrange the label in other ways using the Arrange and Align option but this does not help.


Why not draw the line first, then use the TEXT tool to write the label and then rotate the text to match the line/arrow.
Or use the LABEL tool to write the label at 90°, explode and then rotate the text portion as desired. Then copy all as needed.
Rotate Text.avi (1.9 MB)

Hi Annie-

Does this image represent what you’re trying to do? It’s possible, but it takes a few extra steps.

  1. Create the label roughly where you want it.
  2. Click once on the label to select it.
  3. Rotate the label so the text is at the desired angle ( you can use the VCB to rotate to an exact angle if you’d like)
  4. Double-click on the label to enter the manipulator.
  5. Drag the start of the label leader line back onto the object you want to label.


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