LayOut problem typing precise location and size for shape

I am learning the basics. I am attempting to draw a rectangle and want to assign it’s coordinates and size in the bottom right-hand window (mac) of the screen. After I choose the shape (really any shape) from what I understand I should then be able to type in the coordinates though the window does not take my input. Please advise.

What are you typing as you attempt to enter the coordinates?

FWIW, when I draw a rectangle and enter the coordinates, I get the second corner at the coordinates as expected. Coordinates must be inside square brackets.

Some additional info.

I see that DaveR first select a starting point. However, when you select a drawing tool like a square, in the input field you get [xx;xx], you can type the start coordinates as well, and has to be between [ ].
Then you get a second info, like line length or size input. If you want to use coordinates then you have to use square brackets too like DaveR wrote.
Without units it will take the documents default unit.

Thank you I will attempt to use the coordinates. I started my training with LayOut tutorials then backtracked to Sketchup. After many, many hours, I hope to deal again with this issue this weekend. I appreciate that you both responded so quickly and will let you know how it worked out.