Layout printing results crazy printing

Hi Folks.
Please kindly assist on how to manage issue like this:

Normal and tidy on Layout

Becoming like this on paper:

Never happen before. Just crazy prints tried to four sheets they are all the same.:joy: Tried export to pdf and still result crazy even looks normal on monitor. The only solution is screenshot printing panically.

Macmini M1 16GB/1TB
Monterey 12.3
LayOut 22.0.353
HP LaserJet Pro MFP M435nw

Please kindly share and ideas.


Looks like PostScript artifacts to me. Your printer driver might have difficulty printing multiple overlapping vector/hybrid things.
What if you set your SketchUp views to Raster rendering and Output resolution to High?
Or, when printing from PDF, do you have the possibility to choose a “print as image” or equivalent setting that would force the processing from the printer to the computer?

Surely will do, today we manage print as image. What weird is that never happened before. Maybe waiting for another printer driver update.
Many thanks Anasi

Update: just try to print pdf from iPhone using HP Smart apps for iOS they printed succesfully.

Update Final: Have done update the latest firmware of the printer and delete AirPrint driver to replace it the manufacturer’s driver from

Conclusion; AirPrint stuffs irritate me since the old days, it only works well with iOS not macs!

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