Layout performance issues on large page sizes

Does anyone else notice a performance drop when using larger sheet sizes?
I have a client that prefers 24 x 36 (arch D) sheet size, but with the performance drop from 11 x 17 makes me want to stop using the larger sheet size.

I am not sure if it is the views are a bit larger or… But there is a lot of lag between when I click and the action like move or copy.

I don’t use large sizes often but for best performance/output quality ratio I

  • use the Low resolution setting for screen viewing, High for output
  • use Raster rendering
  • turn off JPEG compression for PDF exports
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I only use 24x36 so I can’t really say if it is slower than a smaller sheet size. I don’t really run into major lag issues with Layout. I think the model would be the largest impact to speed and not sheet size.

I set the screen resolution to low a long time ago.
unless something gets randomly changed on me, I also use raster rendering.

Since the JPEG compression is an output setting, it only affects the speed during the saving of the PDF file. I do use compression to reduce the file size a bit.

Here is an image of my typical work:

What type of projects do you usually work on?

Any tips on keeping the files more efficient for LO?

I design custom residential homes. Looking at that image, I’m guessing the material for the walls is really high resolution and could be causing some issues. Also the 3d plants could be adding to the file size. Also all that furniture with rounded corners adds complexity.

The key to speed in LO and SU is simplicity and consistency. I use templates for both that are standardized for all projects. Other things that impact speed:

  1. Limit what you vector or hybrid render.
  2. Watch the size of your imagery.
  3. Purge your model often (especially components).
  4. Clearly organize your models so that the scenes you bring into Layout only show what you need (with a heavy focus on item 1 which is the number one reason LO can get bogged down).

I really do not think the page size would impact speed. Maybe check that the settings for both are identical for both edit and print modes.


Here are a couple samples of what I work on to give you an idea:


The material on the wall, and the trees (upper left and lower right) is a point cloud. The point cloud renders in SU nice and fast. So, I believe also in LO.

I use 2D follow me’s for all my plants. I am wondering if the image resolution on the plants is too large?

Work work! P.S. I have adopted some of Nicholas Sonder’s ideas for my landscape architecture workflow.

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How big is the SU file? Mine typically are well under 100mb. The one in the samples I posted is 42Mb.

over 3 times that size. :open_mouth:

Typically, my files are over 100 MB, I do try to remember to purge and audit all the time, but I do add in a lot of components from the 3D warehouse; some of them are not modelled the best.

The point clouds are big files (1Gb+), but they sit external to the SU files. I have an SU file with just a point cloud and it is only 300 kb. The speed is nice and fast.

I greatly appreciate your thoughts on this.

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