Layout page palette focus not released

Sometimes, not always, I get into a period where the Layout page palett focus is not being released when I click bask onto the page. I can try to edit a text, entering “3” in the text field. That will not produce the written number 3, but instead a travel to page 3. :-).

On a Mac, most recent release of OS and sketchup.


If I minimize the pages palette and open it again, it works until next time i click in the pages panel.

A known issue. Close the Pages window and then re-open.

Right. I guessed somehow that this would be on a fix list somewhere… Didn`t find a previous post for it though.

I think it’s just a Mac thing.

As for being on a fix list, if you are experiencing this in SU 2022, and I am still on 2021, they clearly didn’t think it needed fixing urgently!