LayOut not Exporting Correct Page Size - macOS

Getting weird export behavior with LayOut.
macOS Sierra, 10.12.5
LayOut 17.2.2554

I have had to shift my graphics down ~3/16" (eyeballing here, I haven’t measured the output to compare.
I used the ‘Letter 10div’ to start.

M-lettersketch.pdf (5.7 KB)

M-lettersketch2.pdf (5.8 KB)

I saw this in a prior release where it was cutting off the left margin on larger sheets. This is the first I’ve seen of it here (I rarely use the letter size).

LO file attached for reference.

M-lettersketch.layout (20.7 KB)

Mike, I opened your LO file on my PC and printed it. The first page prints with the stuff at the bottom cut off and a larger margin at the top as it appears on screen. The second page prints perfectly with the 1/4 in. boarder on the sides and top.

Is it possible the large border on the bottom is causing a problem? It shows as 1-1/2 in.

Or is it possible your printer doesn’t like the 1/4 in. margin at the top?

Hi Dave -

Doesn’t matter what margin size I setup in the LO Document Paper Size - see attached alternate LO file. I have the margins setup the way they are so I can print to PDF / PNG and then drop the drawing into a sketching program on my iPad as a background for when I do details / SK for clients. I updated the file and turned the grid on to print in the file attached to this post.

M-lettersketch-nomargin.pdf (12.1 KB)

On my Mac the first page prints correctly, the second page gets cut off. See this PDF where the grid (set by the LO Document Size dialog gets cutoff, as I am only moving my graphics.

M-lettersketch-grid.pdf (11.9 KB)

M-lettersketch.layout (20.9 KB)

M-lettersketch-nomargin.layout (22.7 KB)

Here is another file with 1" margins. Same issue.

M-lettersketch-1inchmargin.pdf (11.7 KB)

M-lettersketch-1inchmargin.layout (19.2 KB)

I think this is a Mac issue…

It appears this is a PDF related issue. PNGs seems to be correctly exporting.

if I print it shows as two pages and if I select the second, it’s fine…

the first has the odd error in the top right corner…


John, that mark on the first page isn’t an error. It’s in the LO document.

Mike gets a different result on his Mac when he exports a PDF than I get exporting it on my PC. If you open his LO file and move the content on the first page up to the same location as on the second page, does the top of the first page get cropped off?

like this?

although I removed the ‘error’, sorry…

the top margin seem ok…

I notice the side margins jump when I first switch in the preview, but then it’s fine…

I addd that mark for testing purposes.

I exported the drawing. I haven’t tested printing. When I export I get 1 page clipped.

I will do another document tonight where I color fill what should be the 8.5x11 sheet. When that prints you will see the clipping.

Hopefully this makes it clear whats happening. The background shape is 8.5"x11". I placed it where LO shows the page to be.

I exported these PDFs using File>Export in LO.

In order to get my border to print with a correct margin I need to shift my graphics down ~3/16" - otherwise. Note on both pages of the PDF there is a white gap at the bottom. Page 1 of the PDF is ‘correct’, in that my graphics border is in the correct location.

M-lettersketch-BG.pdf (11.8 KB

M-lettersketch.layout (13.1 KB)

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