Layout not copying dimensions to new duplicated page

I’m having a few issues with Layout that I haven’t experienced in the past. When working on floor plans from different scenes I used to be able to duplicate the page on Layout (ie: page 1) and then change the scene (ie: page 2) and all the dimensions from the previous page would stay in place. If I’m working on 3 different options for one floor plan I would like to have the dimensions saved for each page/scene so I don’t have to repeat all my dimensions manually again and again. At the moment when I duplicate a page with the dimensions intact once I change the scene all the dimensions disappear.

The other issue is the label/leader text. In the past, I could set up the leader text with a straight arrow. Then later add a point with the command key that I could manipulate to a curve. I can’t do that anymore.

Can someone fill me in with why these functions no longer work the way they used to?

They should work. Share the LO file so we can see exactly what you have going on.