Layout Mac - Serious bug - Save is grayed out even though the document is not saved. Cmd-S d/n work

In Layout, if I hit cmd-S to save while I have something selected (like a group or a dimension) my project does not save to its network location.

I can tell because:

a) I can hear the hard drive when it does save - and there is no sound when I hit cmd-S
b) the dot in the close button does not go away
c) I can see that the timestamp on the file has not been updated

But the “save” option in the menu is grayed out. My only option at this point is to do a save-as. Even clicking out of the group does not re-enable the save menu item, and cmd-S is not an option.

My only option is to make another change, make sure nothing is selected, and then I can save.

This is a serious bug since I expect cmd-S to save my project no matter what state it is in. And if I hit that command with the expectation that I have been saving over the course of the past hour or so and then suddenly I get a crash - I could potentially lose a lot of work.


This issue is not limited to just when something is selected in a group. I am now often unable to save even after I make a change and make sure that nothing is selected. My only option then is to do a save-as each time I want to save.

What version of SketchUp/LayOut? Which OS version exactly? Please complete your forum profile.

Sorry. Just updated the profile.

Sketchup version:

MacOS version:

Macbook M2

Thank you for fixing your profile.

What happens if you save to a local (internal drive) location? Having Save grayed out implies that the selected save location isn’t available. The general advice is to save SketchUp and LayOut files locally and sync them separately to network or cloud locations.

If the menu item is grayed out, cmd S will not do anything either because save is currently not possible.

I will give that a go, but I really hate doing that. I specifically use a network drive because it offers a lot of convenience to me.

Let me try locally now at least to see if that fixes things.

There’s lots of anecdotal evidence showing that saving directly to network and cloud locations has resulted in corrupted files. From what I’ve seen, doing it is risky.

FWIW, saving a LayOut file to a local directory while something in the document is selected works just fine for me.

Saving it locally does fix the issue. I still submit that this is a bug since I have many many other apps I use on a regular basis that do not have this limitation. The only other app I have ever struggled with like this was Photoshop. That was several years ago and since then I have moved on to other apps so I don’t know if that is still the case.

For now I will save locally, but corrupted files when saving to a network location is not a very encouraging way to start…

I greatly appreciate all of your help with this on a Sunday though!

For some reason unknown to us mortals, SketchUp and its saving location is critical. The developers are very aware of the situation.

I have struggled with that since sketchup seems to always revert back to the “files” location instead of remembering where I last did a save. Reminds me (in a less flattering way) of Maya.


How does the “last saved” location compare to the location you have set in Preferences?

You should take a look at how Trimble Connect works. Maybe use it instead of your network location.

They are different. I had not changed the location in preferences for a while. Eventually I made that change so that it would not keep reverting to my Documents. It seems to be better now :slight_smile:

I will check out Trimble Connect. Thanks for the tip.

macOS has a fairly strong notion of “most recently used” when you open or save a file. It can sometimes surprise you by saving a file in the last place you opened one, even if the files setting says elsewhere.

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If you take a look on the forum, most posts saying that their file doesn’t seem to be a sketchup file, are from people saving and working with their files either from the cloud an external device or network, sometimes it’s possible to recover the files or part of them but a lot of times the file gets filled with zeros, meaning that all the information is lost forever. There are people that have been working the way you do for years and they never had any issues, but it’s like playing to the Russian roulette, some day your luck can end.

Thanks for the warning. I have been saving my sketchup file (vs. layout) on my server without issue until now, but I don’t want to risk it (as you described apparently it is a pretty risky thing to do). I will switch to local.

Trimble: Please fix this. Shouldn’t the OS handle it for you anyway?

Thanks all for the support.