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Hi - I use Layout for producing landscape plans. I have developed my own plant graphics which I keep in a file on the Mac I use. When I develop my plans I do the base drawing in SketchUp and then link through to Layout. I then copy the plant graphics I need to use and paste them into my drawing as needed. Each graphic has an individual name.
Most of the time this operation works fine, I can reopen the Layout drawing at a later stage and all the plants are still visible. However sometimes the Layout drawing will open and some of the plants have a X through them and the graphic does not show. If I go to the Document Set Up - References the link to that graphic shows as missing. I guess I could try and track down which graphic it was and try to re link but this would be a big job if multiple graphics are used. What I don’t understand is why the link is lost in the first place as nothing has changed to the location, name etc of the original graphic? Also not all the graphics have lost their links and they remain the same.



This is where you introduce the problem. Instead of Copy and Paste, use File>Insert to insert assets into LayOut. This will create links that won’t get lost. It also adds a copy of the asset to the LayOut file which makes the LO file portable. So for example, you could send the LO file to me and I would see the plant images even though I don’t have your plant image folder.



Thanks - much appreciate the feedback. Will do that and see how I go.

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File>Insert answers my same question - thank you. However, does that mean that I must also import photos, pdf’s, jpgs, etc. from other sources into SU also in order to insert into Layout? Many of my files include outside “sourced” images.



Use File>Insert for images files, RTF, XLSX, etc.

If you use File>Insert for getting a SketchUp file into LayOut, only do that once for the first viewport. From then on, copy and paste (or Move/Copy) an existing viewport to get additional viewports from that SKP file. After creating the new viewport you can change the scene to a new one.



I’ll let you know. Thank you!



OK - that works great! Next question - how do you insert photos, pdfs, etc.?



Got it - I missed your first sentence. Thank you.



The same way. File>Insert.


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