Layout labelling goes wrong after editing

Hi, hoping for some help with a layout labelling problem I’m having. Whenever I right-click and “Open with Sketchup” in order to make a small edit to my model, once I’ve saved and the layout model updates, the whole things moves and messes all the labels up (to the extent that I need to start over again). What can I do to stop this…? Thank you in advance!

Tom (Sketchup 2018/Windows 10)

It would help if you share a LayOut file that shows this problem. The most likely cause is that you aren’t setting up scenes in SketchUp to use with the viewports in LayOut. Instead you are probably using the Last saved SketchUp view for the viewport. In that case when you edit the model and save it, the viewport will update to show the position of the camera when you saved.

Thanks for your reply, Dave. See attached examples. To show the problem, I re-exported my sk file to layout, put some labels on, then re-opened Sketchup (from layout), drew in a couple of extra boxes, saved it, and then check out the result…

Your first screen shot shows exactly what I suspected. You haven’t created a scene in SketchUp to use for the viewport in LayOut. Notice the SketchUp Model panel shows the Scene as “Last saved SketchUp view”. When you went back to SketchUp you moved the camera while editing. (Zoom, Pan, etc.) That change was saved and is reflected in the viewport. The correct procedure is to create a scene in SketchUp that shows the model as you want to display it in LayOut and then select that scene for the viewport. That gives you a fixed point of view for the viewport even if you save the model with a different camera position later.

Dave, you’re a legend, thank you. Every day’s a school day…

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