(Layout) Is it possible to export layers individually as images or to a pdf with one motion?

Thank you very much I’m eager to see what you uncover :smiley:

I figured something out, but it’s not a layered export. It’s like @DaveR says in his post above. You still have to do them individualy and then you can pull them into Photoshop en-mass. Hope you don’t mind a rambly 6 minute video. I also over explain a little, but that’s more for whoever searches your topic hoping for answers and doesn’t know as much about PS as you do. :smile:

~ In the video I get the PNG, PSD, and PDF acronyms confused here and there. Let me know if it’s not clear in context which I meant. (Do what I do, not what I say, ha!)
~ When I start numbering files, I started with “1” because I had less than 10 files… if you have more than 10 start with “01” then “02” up until 10 and then just “10” etc.

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Yes, there is a way (trick)

  1. Be sure: All stuff you want to separate by layers must be an image or a SketchUp Model in raster rendered.
  2. Use Export > DWG/DXF… , then uncheck in Export options "Export raster-rendered SketchUp models as hybrid-rendered.
  3. Result you have is a DWG/DXF file and a folder contain all images (of stuff) are separated by layers.

P/S: This won’t work with line/text you created by LayOut, because most of them are vectors.

Screenshot 2022-08-07 011623

This is fantastic and a great method! Thank you so much for figuring this out and creating a video! Much appreciated :smiley:

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