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Just an irritating bug. ( macos 10.13.4 )

Some times it works oke. But the one time it is not I have to do a lot of repair.
I have an Excel Workbook with sheets where all my contact, project, referential, textual, technical text and data is collected.
So I did in the past, copy paste that into Layout in text boxes.
Now with the Excel insert ( File>insert - choose the excel sheet file - assign the sheetname and cell ref. ) possibility I do insert the excel file.xlsx file with the specifiek worksheet selected with the typed cells f.e A1:B4. Works… so far.

  1. It take time to get seeing the text in Layout. I have to reupdate the link or save the excel spreadsheet several times, or even change something that the link needs to be updated before it shows anything.

  2. Even when I use “Use Excel formatting” there is no real format used, just the color works.

  3. Sometimes I reopen the file and the Insert object is empty. When I add a second object then it comes back. Some times updated with new text or still just two Excel saved versions old.

  4. Use I a second insert of the same file then it get often very weird and have to repair a lot.
    See images. ( Forget the text, I just was annoyed ).

I hope the images helps to explain.

The middle excel reference is from another page, and is sometimes not visible.

Btw, at the last two images you see here that when I update an object, an another object with a different reference also gets updated and corrupted. The cell reference of that lower object is in the Excel “reference options” dialog changed. The "All’ checkbox now is selected and the reference.

Request. Besides the bug, please, please leave the ‘All’ checkbox at all time off. Let us decide when it should be on.

Is this just here and is this fixable?


Better use csv ecport then rely on excell’s formatting, especially the mac version.
Have a look at a different approach:

Dynamic components tutorials

Thank you for your reply, I will try the csv export. Oke I did before, but did stop with that because the many in between files.
The skill Builder, that is way to much work.

Now I got all my text on one place, I can export it to Word for a Complete document, or vice versa. In that case I can export an rtf file into LO using Excel->Word->LO or Excel->TextEdit->LO. Or Copy and paste it in LO from rtf files, but it do give me a lot of small files.

So the insert Excel WS cells was a heaven send, if it did work correctly.

I hope actually that SU this see as a bug report and fix this.


If you can share the Excel file, the LayOut team will use it for testing and bug fixing for the next version.


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