Layout Gizmo Highlighting

I’ve done a cursory search and apologise if this has been previously discussed.

Occasionally I will highlight many elements such that the gizmo merges into the blueness of the selection colour and it becomes difficult to see the gizmo. Sure the gizmo will be at the centre of the selection but often it can be several seconds (or more) before I can see the gizmo to click it.

Could this be a feature request to somehow make the gizmo more identifiable?

Or does anyone have a neat workflow that helps…?

I haven’t really had a problem finding it but I see what you mean. The color of the gizmo matches the color of the selection so changing the selection color doesn’t help. I see good reason for the gizmo color to be the same as the selection but I wonder if it would be possible to add a feature to make it darker than the selection indication. Good feature request I think.

At least until such time as the feature is implemented (if it ever is), I wonder if you can find a different shade of blue or a different color entirely that would make it easier for you to see.

I’d rather just not have to rely on the gizmo in the first place, but use a Move tool and a separate Roatte tool like in SU.


I agree with @paul.mcalenan I find it very hard to find the gizmo a lot of times

But I even agree more with @eneroth3 not having to rely on it and have all tools working like SketchUp would be the ideal solution


Yes, I have tried other colours but it doesn’t really make any difference.

I would quite like to hit a shortcut key and type in my rotation

Agree too, another archiac interface decision that should have never happened… should mirror SU operation… and yes its bloody hard to find , particularly on architectural drawings with. Lots of landscape elements… trees, textures etc… at least you can turn off a tag now to assist

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