Layout freezing when loading document


After working a few days on a file in LO 2018 I noticed it got quite slow to work with. I tried saving and restarting the program but since them I am not able to open the document. Layout becomes unresponsive after a few seconds when I try to load the file and nothing happens after that.

Can anyone here get this file to open?

Using LO 2018.


Hangs my MacBook Pro running LO 2018 OS X Sierra 10.12 16GB, Intel Iris Pro


After many many minutes the file actually opened, but is now extremely slow to work with. I don’t know if I can make any changes to it. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to save to new fresh files.


For some reason your Google Drive upload shows as a collection of files in my browser:
The service seems somehow to recognize its nature as a ZIP file in disguise and unzips it…
Perhaps it is the plus sign in the name


Google Drive doesn’t seem to play well with layout files. I think I’ve seen this for SketchUp files too some time, but maybe just rememebr it wrong.

Anyhow, after some very painful waiting I managed to both save out content to other files, and change one viewport to raster. Now that I changed the rendering everything seems to work fine (I hope). I know Vector can be slow but this was crazy slow!


Does your file have imported images? Some years ago I had a similar problem and the reason was that an image file inside the layout had suddenly bloated to many times its original size. I never found a way to reproduce the problem.


The file size doesn’t seem to have increased. I’l look into this more tomorrow. It’s getting late and I finally managed to save my work so no I can leave school.

Thanks for the help looking into this!


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