Layout freezes with viewports with complex shapes

Is there some workaround for importing a complex shape from SU as a vector to LO. The complexity that LO can handle seems way too limited. Further, in raster mode, is there some way to increase the display and output resolution?

Are you still using SU/LO2019 as indicated in your profile?

Hard to tell exactly with so little information about what you are actually working with.

You can change those settings under Paper in Document Setup. As for export you can also make that setting when you export.

i always set my display resolution to Low and output to High. Using High for display slows things down noticeably.

Thanks for the quick replies! I’m using the most recent version of both SU and LO, on Windows. The question is that how to bring a view of the attached stair to LO?
Namnlös1.skp (15.6 MB)

Hi, Nopea,

before you import a SU model into Layout, you must correct the model itself. Your model has a lot of unnecessary geometries, including duplicate lines and faces. It needs to be cleaned first. I do this in several steps, because removing duplicate faces takes a long time and can hang up your computer. But the result is worth it.
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There are also a lot of unnecessarily complicated, incorrect geometries, which usually occur when importing models created by other 3D programs. In SkechUp, much better results can be achieved with simple basic shapes (circles, polygons, etc.) without unnecessarily increasing the file size.

There are unnecessarily nested components that are no different from each other, as well as an unused component, but there are no components of repetitive elements (eg steps, railings).

All of these things increase the size of the file and make it difficult to import and manage it in Layout.
You can see that the partial fixes have gradually reduced the file size by more than 1/3.
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By arranging the model completely, the benefits will be much greater.

Your model is placed very far from the file origin. This usually does not affect the display of the element in LO, but can make a clipping in SU Parallel Projection.

If the question was HOW to import a model into LO, then the answer is: File / Insert … The last saved model view will be what appears on the screen. :slightly_smiling_face:

Last version of the partially cleared model: Namnlös5.skp (10,0 MB)

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I did go ahead and trying inserting your original file, and it would take about 15 seconds to switch from Raster to Vector. I then used Skimp to do the least destructive simplification of the model, which took it down to 7 MB. That one then switched to Vector in 5 seconds.

Something to know, you have the stairs a long way from the origin, that can lead to some issues in LayOut, if you end up using Hybrid.

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