Layout Freezes when Object Snap is on



I have an annoying problem. Layout freezes. It comes back but it can take 5 to 10 minutes. It happens when I edit some annotations or dimensions on top of an SU viewport. The viewport is a very busy drawing and set to raster. (I couldn’t put the vector on, its way too busy) The drawing is a set design (technical master) of a theatre show. I have about 16 different viewport of the same set (plans elevations perspectives) The freeze happens only in one of them. After having the problem several times, I realized the freeze happens only when the Object Snap is on. So to apply annotation, I turn it off and I’m good, but when you go in dimension mode, the snap automaticaly switch on. I switch it back off right away but dimension without the snap is not very efficient. When the freeze happen, I literaly have to crash the software and start again. In those moment, I set my autosave to 3 mins. I suspect that one of the element in SU is corrupt, but why the freeze only happen in one specific viewport?
Does anyone have experience this before?

Quickly, my setup: Windows 10, Layout 2018, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670. I have the problem only since I have 2018. But doesn’t mean is related only to 2018.


first thought and not based on experience with your issue…

do you have length snapping set in SU or LayOut [if it;s even possible]…



Hum! That’s interesting: I switched the Lenght Snaping OFF in SU Preference, resave everything, update the viewport and it’s a bit better. I’m experiencing a pretty heavy lag but no freeze! At least I can work without having to crash LO every one minute.I will keep experimenting in this direction and keep this post updated. Thx for your input John.