Layout Export PDF quality

Samsonite Cairns 03 a05.pdf (3.8 MB)

I have a drawing in layout and I am using Hybrid to get sharp thin lines.
When I export with PDF the lines are NOT thin any more.
When I export with JPEG they are thin like what my Layout drawing is.

I have tried the highest resolution of the export PDF - does not make any difference.
In Document setup I have the Output Resolution at HIGH - still no difference.

I have attached the JPEG image - which is good. And the PDF image which is not so good.

So how to get PDF output the same as what my Layout is?

It is probably just what you see in your PDF viewer. This is what I see in your PDF when I zoom in; thin clean lines

In your PDF export settings, if you have JPEG compression turned on, I would recommend that you turn it off.

Hi Anssi,
Yes I think your correct, because if I take the PDF exported from Layout then save it as a JPEG it is has fine crisp lines.

Thanks Anssi.