Layout Dimensions Not Correct

First, let me point out that this is the first time this has happened since I have been using Layout and, second, it only happens in one file. I have checked two other files and the dimensions are correct. I have a foundation plan with a vector viewport. The viewport is set at 1/4" and the dimensioning is set at 1/4". However, when I dimension a side of the foundation that is supposed to be 18’, I get 18’ 1-5/8". When I dimension a side that is supposed to be 28’, I get 28’ 2-1/2". It appears that all my dimensions are increased by a factor of .09 and I cannot figure out why.
I clicked on the ortho button and the view changed. I clicked the ortho button again and the view went back to the proper view, but it was not oriented correctly in the viewport. BUT, the dimensions were now correct. I deleted the viewport and reinserted fresh, got the proper view and now the dimensions are off again.

I highlighted the viewport, clicked the ortho button and the view changed. I then noticed that the scene has become “Modified”. I hit the ortho button again, navigated to the correct scene and placed in the viewport, set the scale, and now the dimensions work. Could I have been working with a “modified” scene and didn’t notice? And that caused the dimensions to be off?

Can you share the recalcitrant LayOut file? Send it via PM if you don’t want to make it public.