LayOut Dimensioning Foot and Inches Markers Change Font


I am experiencing an issue where the foot and inches (’ and ") change to a default font from time to time. I am using Gill Sans MT as my font and the respective foot and inches markers look fine at first, but upon moving a snap point or manually editing a dimension, the markers change to another font. Anyone else experiencing this?


have you checked it’s not ‘smart quotes’ kicking in via your System settings?



I’m on a Mac OSX. Do you mean in my System Preferences, or in Preferences / Document Settings inside LayOut? Having trouble finding it…


I had the same problem and it was Smart Quotes being turned on in the Mac OS. You have probably already found it but for the record it is at System Preferences>Keyboard. Uncheck the ‘Use smart quotes and dashes’ option.


@Zafu! Thank you for telling me where to find that setting. I’ve since turned it off, thanks again!