Layout Crashing when hiding untagged and output override


I have discovered what for me is a consistent crash in Layout. Could someone test this file on their machine? WIth the document set to output override as vector, AND the “untagged” tag hidden on at least one viewport from within Layout, I get a crash on export to PDF. If the viewport is left as raster it exports fine, or if output override is on but no viewports have “untagged” turned off then it exports fine. Hiding other tags does not crash on export, only untagged?

open this file and export to PDF:

Untagged off Test.layout (9.1 MB)

Crash on Sonoma 14.5 (SU24)

is it because technically untagged contains all the raw geometry ?

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I did not expect it to result in an empty viewport, and until export it does not. I expected it to behave the same as hiding untagged in SketchUp which leaves all other tags still visible. But perhaps @ateliernab is correct and Layout gets confused about what to show when tags containing raw geometry are shown and untagged is not. SketchUp seems to handle this OK but then again SketchUp has the ability to move the current tag which Layout does not.

Curiously, hiding untagged in Layout does exactly what I want it to, it hides everything not otherwise tagged and leaves raw geometry inside groups and components with other tags present. The viewport does what I was expecting with only the untagged objects disappearing. It just crashes on export, but only with output override set to vector, if the viewport is left raster it all behaves as I would have expected.

Although generally not the wisest thing to do, being able to tag even raw geometry is a feature of SketchUp.

True but that’s not a factor here. To be clear none of my geometry is tagged, only groups and components. It’s not the cleanest model as it was a fast proof of concept all geometry is untagged and inside groups or components.