Layout crashing repeatedly

I have been having trouble with Layout crashing repeatedly today. Initially, it just crashed Layout but then it started crashing the whole computer.

The last time I tried loading a file I have been working on, I got a series of messages I have never seen before (as below).

It may be due to the corruption of the particular file. I can’t upload it here because it contains sensitive material.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour? The messages all suggest changes have been made but I haven’t consciously made them.

54 48 40 28

is an Epson printer connected?

if so, does it’s current setup match your document setup?

if it’s set to black ink only and a different paper size, I can see why you may get those messages…

if not I would disconnect it, from computer and the wall for a minute or two >> restart the mac, reconnect and restart the printer…

in the past I have needed to update printer drivers, but it’s a rare requirement on mac’s…