Layout Crashing - Inserted DWG the cause...?

Not necessarily expecting a solution from this post but thought that I would share my experience today with Layout crashing repeatedly with, seemingly, one particular file. Other files are not crashing.

I have been submitting the bugspats.

I copied a Layout file from a previous project (a “Location Plan” file) to use on another project.

I renamed the file and opened it for editing. I kept the existing linework (would be deleted later) and inserted a DWG ( ordnance survey map downloaded from a reputable online provider ) and started to work on the file.

Previously I have imported my Location Plan DWGs via SketchUp, i.e. imported the DWG into SketchUp and then imported the SketchUp file into Layout and I have never had any problems ever doing it that way.

But today after inserting the DWG directly into Layout I have had multiple crashes all morning with the file.

So I decided to revert back to my previous method of inserting the Location Plan DWG via SketchUp and so far no crashes…

This is what I do and seems to work. I too have not had a lot if success trying to open DWGs directly in Layout. One good reason to do so is that you might get all the text and other stuff that SU strips off. So it’s a shame it isn’t reliable.