Layout Crash & file lost


I wondered if I could get some help as Im relatively new to sketch up.

Sketch up layout crashed and when I reopened it the it went back to a previous saved version and I lost all the work I have done since.

In my file there is no back up document & Im not sure if there is an auto saved version. Ive checked my preferences & auto save is set to every 5 mins.

Can anyone help as it was a substantial amount of work lost.

This might help: Layout Autosave file location - #2 by Marc

But in general, it is a good idea to hit Save every few minutes when working just to be sure.

Thanks for this. I will check.

However I do manually save regularly which is why I am surprised that the document has reverted to the one from the beginning of the week.

I save after most changes I make to the layout document awe a matter of habit. Why would this document suddenly not exist after crashing. Both sketch up & layout 2021 do seem to crash on a regular basis but this is the courts time I have had this issue.

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That sounds very odd, as if your save command has been ignored. Don’t think I have ever heard of such a thing.

I don’t get SU crashing much but it does happen occasionally. I don’t usually lose a lot of work as a result.

LO is less stable for me but it is also software that I feel is running at the limits of its capability. The larger the drawing, the worse it is.

Im trying to find the recovery tab. When I open new from templates I can’t see a recent tab which it is supposed to be nest to.

Im operating on a Mac book.


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Do you mean like this?

Im not sure where to find it. I looked in both recent & new from template on layout in the file tab at the top.
They both look different to the photo you attached. Is that because I’m on Mac?