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Hello, would anyone know if it is possible to save your company copyright information automatically when exporting a PDF? So the copyright information within the file encrypted name of the PDF.

So if you where to right click on a document and go to properties, your copyright information would be there.

Hope that makes sense!

Any help would be really appreciated.

Many Thanks

You could call that PDF meta data.

Do you have a visible copyright statement?

Hi, yes that is what I mean, meta data. All I really want to be able to do really is add my company name and address!

Do you think that’s possible?

Thanks for your reply :+1:

Not in LayOut right now but you should be able to edit the PDF in Acrobat to add that.

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If that doesn’t help, you could test this process - save the exported PDF as a word doc, add the meta data and then save again as a PDF and hopefully the meta data would persist.

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Thanks so much for all your advice. Very appreciative of the response. :+1: